If Fondamenta is acclaimed for the quality of its sound recordings, it is also because we own an exceptional mastering studio in Paris where each of our productions has been finalized.

We can easily work on any mastering projects. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Pro Tools 12, 128 tracks up to 192 KHz/24 bit
Plugins Waves Diamond

Devialet 800
Focal Utopia Nova
Whest Audio Reference V Preamplifier
Riffaud Epure Turntable
Riffaud Signature Tonearm
Lyra Atlas MC cartridge
Reel Tape Player Sony APR-5003 1/4'
Absolue Creations Reference cables
Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner

Sony VPL-VW-100 Ruby Videoprojector
Screen 3m x 1,70m
Oppo BDP-83 Bluray Player

Mastering Studio

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