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Dizzy Gillespie

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For Dizzy Gillespie, laughter was all-important: he would begin with a joke and end with a prank. In between, he would treat the audience to his philosophy of life.
From his beginnings until his death, Dizzy continuously cultivated a zany style, a blend of rhythmic acrobatics, melancholy and emotional outpourings. Proud bearer of his Afro-American heritage, he had an unsurpassed gift for the fusion of musical styles rooted in Latin America and Cuba with those of American music.
In Laren, the Netherlands, on 25 August 1973 Dizzy launched into Caribbean festivities. Then, Alex Gafa’s flamenco guitar followed with its evocations of Spain. A pause, and Dizzy, barely containing his emotion, dedicated to Martin Luther King “Brother K”, a gentle ballad interspersed with stormy flashes of anger... At any time, Dizzy could keep his audience dancing till dawn, but that evening he was resolutely more bluesy. Yet one thing remained certain: Dizzy, perhaps not elected President, was the Commander in Chief.

With the kind authorization of The Lorraine Gillespie Trust

Introduction by Dizzy Gillespie 02:17
Sunshine 19:00
Announcement by Dizzy Gillespie 00:43
Brother K 11:30
Announcement by Dizzy Gillespie 00:16
Ole for the Gypsies 15:58
Announcement by Dizzy Gillespie 00:50
The Truth 09:12
Manteca 10:07
The Blues 08:36
Tune Birks' Works 01:03